Northern Region’s Day 4 at the QJC

By Kim Schramm. Photos John Lockton and Toni van der Kreek.


Three Northern Region players have been crowned Queensland Junior Champions for 2017.

Congratulations to Mackay’s BJ MacDonald (U15B), Mackay’s Kayce Hoani-Vincent (U11G) and Cairns’s Courtney Mather (U19G).  All the hard work has paid off … congratulations.

BJ MacDonald (U15B)

Kayce Hoani-Vincent (U11G)

Courtney Mather (U19G)







The following players finished runner up: Cairns’s Michael Lawrence (U9B) Cairns’s Francis Morove (U11B), Cairns’s Josh Porter (U13B) and Mackay’s Wes Dyer (U17B).

The following players finished third: Mackay’s Quinn Douglas (U9B), Ingham’s Lachlan Erba (U13B), Mackay’s BJ MacDonald (U17B), Ingham’s Brody Di Bella (U21B) and Cairns’s Courtney Mather (U21G).

In summary, Northern Region players won 3 events, were runners up in 4 and finished third in 5.

U9 Boys: Cairns’s Michael Lawrence finished runner up in the 4-player round robin event.  Lawrence only lost one match and that was to the Champion Nickolai Wolpers (Wavell) 13-11, 11-2, 2-11, 8-11, 7-11.  Mackay’s Quinn Douglas finished 3rd.

U11 Boys: Cairns’s Francis Morove finished runner up in this event.  It was a great effort considering he was seeded #4.  Morove won 4 matches and lost 2 in the 7-player round robin.

U13 Boys: It was never going to be easy for Cairns’s Josh Porter in the final against #1 seed Ben Murray (Sandgate).  Porter got off to a shocking start losing the first game 1-11 but then he played good squash to go down narrowly in the final two games 9-11 and 8-11.  Ingham’s Lachlan Erba finished 3rd with a strong 13-11, 11-7, 11-4 win over Wavell’s Zane Wolpers.

U15 Boys: Mackay’s BJ MacDonald had a battle on his hands against Wavell’s Josh Penfold but experience prevailed and MacDonald won a close contest 8-11, 12-10, 11-9, 11-8.

U17 Boys: Mackay’s Wes Dyer was no match for #1 seed Ethan Eyles going down in straight 6-11, 8-11, 5-11.  BJ MacDonald (Mackay) destroyed Sandgate’s Declan Cashman in the playoff for third 11-4, 11-8, 11-6.

U21 Boys: Ingham’s Brody Di Bella finished 3rd overall with a hard fought 11-9, 12-10, 12-10 victory over Carseldine’s Connor McNeill.

U11 Girls: Mackay’s Kayce Hoani-Vincent beat Elaine Cheung 11-5, 11-3, 11-5 in her last match in the 5-player round robin.  The champ remained undefeated during the event winning all her matches in straight.

U19 Girls: Cairns’s Courtney Mather upset #1 seed Mackenzie Sleep with a stunning 11-2, 5-11, 11-5, 11-6 victory.  Mather certainly turned things around quick smart after her loss to NT’s Jessica Osborne in the U21 event on Day 1.

U21 Girls: Cairns’s Courtney Mather finished 3rd in the 4-player round robin.

The best performances on Day 4 belonged to Cairns’s Courtney Mather in the U19 girls, Mackay’s BJ MacDonald in the U15 and U17 boys and Mackay’s Kayce Hoani-Vincent in the U11 girls.

Congratulations to Ingham’s Liam Fascetti for winning the Chris Robertson Encouragement Award.  The Award named after Queensland’s second World Junior Champion is designed to select and recognise a player who has participated in Under 13 or below based on their attitude, determination and heart in a LOSING situation.

Geoff Hunt (Legend), Liam Fascetti, Shona Coxsedge and Nathan Stevenson (SR President)









In summary the 2017 State Champions are:

  • U 11 Girls: Kayce Hoani-Vincent
  • U13 Girls: Madison Lyon
  • U15 Girls: Ella Burge
  • U17 Girls: Mackenzie Sleep
  • U19 Girls: Courtney Mather
  • U21 Girls: Samantha Calvert
  • U11 Boys: Zane Wolpers
  • U13 Boys: Benjamin Murray
  • U15 Boys: BJ MacDonald
  • U17 Boys: Ethan Eyles
  • U19 Boys: Lachlan Coxsedge
  • U21 Boys: Caleb Johnson

The Eagle Award winners were:

  • Peter Nance Achievement Award: Nick Calvert
  • Rachael Grinham Achievement Award: Ella Burge
  • Chris Robertson Encouragement Award: Liam Fascetti
  • Rachael Grinham Encouragement Award: Shona Coxsedge

Girls Under 11

  1. Kayce Hoani-Vincent [1]
  2. Tara Davies [3]
  3. Elaine Cheung [2]

Girls Under 13

  1. Madison Lyon [1]
  2. Shona Coxsedge [3]
  3. Charlotte Stephenson [4]

Girls Under 15

  1. Ella Burge [2]
  2. Katie Davies [1]
  3. Ariel Lyon [3]

Girls Under 17

  1. Mackenzie Sleep [1]
  2. Ella Burge [2]
  3. Lauren Stieler [3]

Girls Under 19

  1. Courtney Mather [2]
  2. Mackenzie Sleep [1]
  3. Jessica Osborne [3]

Girls Under 21

  1. Samantha Calvert [1]
  2. Jessica Osborne [3]
  3. Courtney Mather [2]

Boys Under 9

  1. Nickolai Wolpers (2)
  2. Michael Lawrence (1)
  3. Quinn Douglas (3)

Boys Under 11

  1. Zane Wolpers (1)
  2. Francis Morove (4)
  3. Nickolai Wolpers (3)

Boys Under 13

  1. Benjamin Murray [1]
  2. Josh Porter [2]
  3. Lachlan Erba [3]

Boys Under 15

  1. BJ MacDonald [1]
  2. Joshua Penfold [2]
  3. Luke Eyles [3]

Boys Under 17

  1. Ethan Eyles [1]
  2. Wesley Dyer [2]
  3. BJ MacDonald [6]

Boys Under 19

  1. Lachlan Coxsedge [1]
  2. Caleb Johnson [3]
  3. Nicholas Calvert [2]

Boys Under 21

  1. Caleb Johnson [1]
  2. Chris Mullin [2]
  3. Brody Di Bella [5]
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